Our Brand

Our Brand

Senod Car Care is the chemical product brand developed by Target and Talent Multi Trades. Being experts in the industry with over 12 years of experience, we have understood exact effects each chemical has on different car paints. These findings have allowed us to ensure Senod Car Care to be developed to obtain an impeccable finish, giving the customer which the service they expect and deserve.

Target and Talent Multi Trades  and it's Senod product range are prepared using latest technologies and the most innovative solutions to facilitate the cleaning and finalizing process of all vehicle types. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products which will return guaranteed result more than exceed customer expectation.

Considering getting a car wash?

On the list of things that should be kept clean, your customer’s car is no exception. There are many things we take into consideration when looking into getting a quality car wash, with safety and cleanliness being at the top of the list. Our consumers are our livelihood, so we want you to have access to high quality materials that make your vehicle shine. We at Target and Talent Multi Trades ensure we upkeep these qualities in our day to day operations. Your car will never been cleaner.

Quality means Listening

Since 2005, we’ve been building our experience and listening to our consumers.

Choosing to have your car professionally cleaned is a smart decision, but wanting to have it professionally cleaned by a business that pays close attention to every detail is an even smarter one. We work hard at Target and Talent Multi Trades to provide our customers with everything they need for a quality car wash with outstanding car care products. With our products you can assure your customers that they can breathe easy because our cleaning solutions made for professionals.